What’s In Your Wine Bag

03 Jul What’s In Your Wine Bag

Your Regal France weekly inventory/container update can be downloaded by clicking on the Regal red button below.  Reminder that these reports have a column with the all-important Vinergie inventory which is the immediate back-up source for Regal.

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  • Please be aware that we are dangerously low on Saint Roch les Vignes Rosé.  Vinergie’s next, and likely final, two pallets are scheduled to arrive July 22.  At least one of those pallets will be available for Regal distribution markets.
  • Regal is down to 28 cases of Mas de Pampelonne Rosé, however, Vinergie has plenty of back-up stock at this time.
  • Regal only has a few cases of Château Salettes Bandol Roséremaining in open inventory following the Decanter accolades earlier this month, however, Vinergie still has 72 cases in the NJ warehouse.
As we close out the month of June, I’ve included a status report on our 2015 Provence-Corsica rosé campaign.  Click button below.  While rosé season seems to be starting earlier and extending later each year, I think we all agree that we’d like most of our pink wines to have found good homes by Labor Day.  As you’ll note from this report, we’re looking pretty good.
In recent years, a few of our rosés have enjoyed year-round distribution, and if one can trust the CIVP (Provence Wine Council) reports, the trend toward year-round consumption of Provence pink wine will continue. I expect enthusiastic sales of 2014 Château Salettes Bandol, Domaine d’Eole Côteaux d’Aix, Château de Pampelonne and Clos Alivu Patrimonio rosés well into fall, and modest quantities of the afore-mentioned trickling out all the way to the next vintage.  Three of those will likely be trickling from Vinergie inventory, so it won’t be necessary for Regal to order any more rosé from France this year.

I will send an update of this report at the end of July.

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patrimonio view II

In 2005, Eric Poli sold his interest in the family’s 75-acre Vin de Corse estate, Domaine de Piana, to his brother Antoine. With the proceeds, he bought 7.4 acres (3 hectares) of old-vine Niellucio and Vermentino (aka Malvoisie de Corse) on the terraced Poggio d’Oletta in the heart of Patrimonio, the oldest and arguably best appellation on this mountainous Mediterranean island.  An important factor in Eric’s decision was the fact that his wife, Marie-Brigitte, is the Owner/Director of Clos Teddi, the Patrimonio domaine founded by her father in 1970.  

Eric expanded Clos Alivu’s modest holdings with the purchase of 4.3 acres of Niellucciu vines in the commune of Santo Pietro di Tenda in 2012.  Today, he manages Clos Alivu’s 11.7 acres of vines and the 86.5 acres of Clos Teddi. Eric has also assumed responsibility for the winemaking of both domaines, while Marie-Brigitte handles commercial affairs for the two companies.  The brands are marketed separately outside of Corsica but the Polis run a popular retail tasting room in the heart of the picturesque harbor village of Saint-Florent where they feature the wines of the two Patrimonio domaines as well as full range of IGP Île de Beauté wines from the 108 acres of vines the couple owns just outside Eric’s hometown of Linguizzetta, on the east coast of the island.

Protected by the maritime influences of the Golfe de Saint-Florent, vines cultivated on the limestone, clay and schist soils of Patrimonio’s hillsides rarely require treatments of any kind, so Eric’s practices are essentially organic (though without certification).  Niellucio, genetically linked to Sangiovese, thrives in this ideally situated inlet at the north end of the island, and when yields are limited, results in wines with more freshness and finesse than those made from its Tuscan cousin.  And the fresh, aromatic whites made from Vermentino rival the best of Sardinia, Corsica’s neighbor to the south.


It didn’t surprise me when my colleague, Eva Wildrick, pulled a bottle of Clos Alivu Blanc from her wine bag to present to the buyer of Claudette Restaurant in the West Village last week.  Eva had just visited the Polis in Corsica and I knew she was going to make this100% Vermentino one of her go-to whites for summer.  Claudette’s buyer, Ryan Berry, fell in love with the wine, by the way (BTG).  I encourage you to pull samples.  I ordered all we could get.  286 cases remaining in stock.
“The Blanc is the specialty of the Clos…perfectly made and representative of the appellation.”
$168 case one, $160/3 cases, $156/5 cases
clos alivu 2014 etiquette